WordPress Easy Basket Demonstration!

Easybasket Demonstration

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Easybasket Download and Install instructions

Word Press Plug-in Installation guide.

  • The first thing you need to do is download the WordPress plug-in from the Easybasket website or ‘here’.
  • Once you have done that log-in to your WordPress dashboard find Plug-ins on the navigation bar on the left hand side and click ‘Add New’
  • From this page you need to upload the .zip you previously downloaded, now it is uploaded you need to click on ‘Activate Plug-in’
  • The Easybasket plug-in will now have successfully installed and will be now seen on your list of WordPress Plug-ins.
  • The next step is to go to the settings of Easybasket you will be shown all the default settings on this page which are all self-explanatory and you should change them to meet your requirements.
  • After you have completed and saved your settings you now need to go to ‘Configure Easybasket’ and fill in all your details regarding paypal, google checkout, form names and postage information.
  • Next you need to go to ‘Appearance’ which can be found on the left hand side on the navigation bar, click the drop down arrow and select ‘Widgets’.
  • You will now see Easybasket in the ‘Available Widgets Window’ from here you should decide where you want to place the Easybasket shopping cart.
  • If you have followed these steps correctly you should now go to your page to see Easybasket successfully working on your website.